What inspires you...  authenticity. those who are brave and loyal to their deepest sense of truth, living by it in quiet, sincere, solid autonomy... not wasting their own or other's time with shallow/empty non-sense. And many many many others things.... too vast to begin to name. 
Describe your style... natural-textile fetish. knits. layers. darks giving way to bits of tactile color. leg-warmers. armor enhanced through layers of "feel good" touches, accents; subtle. fibers gentle to the touch of skin and warming. 
Mornings are... best with black tea, organic cream, honey, and slow awakenings. With the elements and creatures of flight. 
Writers/artists/designers you love... author: Kathryn Davis. poets: Rilke, Lorca, and others.... visual artist: Motoi Yamamoto. Good music. 
Beauty regiment... raw almond butter, argan oil, mineral pigments. 
Reading.. Presently a book on the history of Priestesses. And Steiner. 
Cooking... Oh god(dess)... I am in love with good food. fresh veggies/fruit, seasonal, simple, rich, spices, fermented/sprouted foods, classics. organic. 
Home improvements... constant. 
Favorite spots... high up on the hill(s). Especially Sonoma County, CA. 


Jessica Kleoppel said...

i love her thoughts on authenticity, and her thoughts in general. this is wonderful. xx

ashley said...

yes, she's lovely

AVY said...

So cute :)


kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Thats French!
Your title!

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